Who are we?

   A gamified employee health-enhancement platform

based on 35 year teaching at worldwide premier business schools.


Juliette McGannon, a French citizen, is the WLHC Program Director & general manager of The McGannon Institute (MGI) headquarters in Nice France.  Her field of expertise is fitness prescription and effective stress management.  She is the innovator of S.M.A.R.T., a stress-management Challenge which has been administered to over 150,000 international managers in 40 countries. Her present projects include a multi-centre research study of the impact of stress on corporate health care costs.

Michael McGannon, an American citizen,  holds a doctorate in medicine from Georgetown University, and  a post-doctoral research fellowship from Stanford University. Dr. McGannon is also a world-renowned specialist in proactive medicine, particularly as it applies to corporate life. His groundbreaking program, ENERGY UP! The Leader’s Health Challenge (LHC), is the newest, most evolved Leadership Health Module at INSEAD since they were started in 1988. Dr. McGannon is a also a medical journalist, writing on issues such as stress, health and fitness in such distinguished international publications as:

  • International Herald Tribune (Paris),
  • The Financial Times (London),
  • The Business Times (Singapore),
  • The European (London),
  • L’Impresa (Milano).