What is MSM ?

MSM Objectives :

Are to create & capture group enthusiasm to help you become a better Leader of Yourself. By making clear and concrete resolutions, MSM Participants are able to push their limits to become the best possible version of themselves during the 24 week MSM Challenge.

Our 30 years of research and teaching in International Business Schools and Corporations have demonstrated that human being require approximately 6 months to convert old less-productive dysfunctional habits into new productive high-energy lifestyles.

MSM Structure:

After an Inspirational presentation, group testing (Basic Health and Fitness tests like Blood Pressure, Body Fat…) and various group demonstration (exercise, yoga, energy breathing…), your team will receive weekly instructions (eat, breathe, move), motivation and encouragement to achieve their personal objectives.

Special care and follow-up from us, the Founders, will be offered to each participant to “climb the mountain” as a team, for the next 24 weeks in the following way:

  • Week 01 – 08: The Body: Hunter’s Nutrition, Weight control, Homeostasis, Hunter’s exercises . . .
  • Week 09 – 16: The Mind: Breathing control, Emotional Stability, Sleep, Energy management . . .
  • Week 17 – 24: The Spirit: Hunter’s Nature (chase, aim, kill), Anti-Fragility Strategies, Robust Mindset . .

MSM Follow-up:

At the end of MSM-24 week, Participants will have the opportunity to re-test themselves and measure their progress. The Participants who have distinguished themselves through their self-mastery (normal blood pressure, optimal weight, heart fitness, breathing and so on) will be recognized and rewarded.

Looking forward to be working with you,

Juliette & Michael