Professor Peter J. Williamson, Professor of International Management, University of Cambridge (UK)

“Successful people master their jobs and their organisations, but have they learned to be masters of themselves? Based on decades of work with senior executives around the world and the latest science, this book provides a refreshing and practical guide to help successful, busy people master their body, mind and spirit. Reading it will put you on the road to a happier, longer and more fulfilling life.”

Professor Elizabeth Sadova, Skolkovo, Moscow

“Clock is ticking faster and faster. We are trying to catch up with the multitude of tasks, loading our mind more and more. Very often we forget that we are not only the brain.  Speeding up we overload our body, it is difficult to control emotions, anger, stress, we are getting less efficient and life is bringing less and less joy. The book of Juliette and Michael McGannon helps us understand  uniqueness of a human being,  interconnection of mind, body and spirit.  Through the whole book  authors are leading us in mastering ourselves,  thus helping  to become more successful and happy. “

Jonathan Story, Doctor Honoris Causa at IEDC, Bled School of Management, Slovenia

“Want to balance health and sanity? No better source of advise could come your way than from Juliette and Michael McGannon. They have worked for decades with managers from all over the world, and have built a unique insight into how to learn endurance, resilience, and have fun while doing so. This book is a treasure trove of wisdom”.

Professor George Kohlrieser, Ph.D. Professor of Leadership IMD in Lausanne Switzerland, and author 

“This brilliant book is based on cutting edge medical science, the ancient wisdom of the hunter, and  long-standing experience in helping people.  I have seen Michael and Juliette in action with senior executives from around the world and I am amazed at how effectively they have brought what they do in their live workshops into a book of hands-on-wisdom for anyone interested in health, vitality, and well-being.  How we make choices is the key to maintain a healthy mind, body, and  spirit.  Life is a gift and how we live that gift is based  on  those choices. Through this book,  Michael and Juliette are partners in helping  in making those choices.  Reading this book can change your life!”

Grant L. Cambridge, Vice President, Capital Research, (USA)

“Dr. McGannon has cracked the code on the delicate balance of a demanding work schedule and an effective exercise philosophy.  I have implemented so many of their common sense approaches to healthy living, exercise, and diet while in my fast paced career.”

Michael Whitehead, senior manager Cathay Pacific Airways, Polar Air Cargo, and Air Astana

“I first met Michael and Juliette in the 1990’s at INSEAD. Not only did I become a keen follower of their advice, but our families became close friends, and many of my colleagues also became ‘disciples’. Michael and Juliette practice what they preach, and their own enthusiasm for a healthy but balanced lifestyle has always been conveyed with passion and generosity  to their readers and course participants. I recommend their book, and their health management courses, without hesitation.”

Maxim Krayushkin, CEO, Bigitex, LLC, Moscow

“Без преувеличения могу сказать, что встреча с Майклом Мак Гэнноном навсегда изменила мою жизнь. Развитие несложных привычек, таких, например, как выпить два стакана воды за 20 минут до еды или пройтись 15 минут после еды, за два года привели к радикальному изменению моего образа жизни. Оправдание – у меня нет на это времени больше не работает. При этом советы Джульетты и Майкла подходят для любого самого занятого человека. И, главное, они работают.”

It is not an exaggeration to say that my meeting with Michael Mc Gannon had changed my life forever. Developing a few small habits like drinking couple of glasses of water 20 minutes before each meal or walking 15 minutes after each major meal has changed my way of life radically over the period of two years. The common justification I have no time for that is not working anymore. Juliette and Michael advices work for anyone no matter how busy he or she is. And the most important thing is that they work.”

Anna Slavnova, Senior Director, PwC , Moscow

Эту книгу важно прочитать каждому, кто хочет в круговерти бизнес будней найти свой баланс, обрести гармонию взаимоотношений и найти путь к себе. На меня это книга произвела большое впечатление, в каждой истории я увидела что-то о себе, и о людях, с которыми я работаю каждый день. Живем ли мы так, как хотим? Делаем ли мы в жизнь самые главные вещи? Как сохранить самое главное – здоровье и взаимоотношения? Уверена, что вы найдете для себя ответы на эти вопросы, прочитав эту книгу. “

It is important to read this book for anyone who is looking for a balance, trying to find a harmony in relationships and a way to yourself in whirlwind of everyday business life. I was really impressed by this book, I each story I found something about myself and about people I am working with. Do we leave the live we want? Do we do the most important thing things in our life? How to keep healthy and to save relationships?
I am sure you will find answers to your questions in this book.”

Stas Medvedev, Director, PwC , Moscow

“This book is your complete guide to Happiness! Backed up with 30+ years of research and teaching in top universities, Michael and Juliette share with the reader the know-how of fulfilling life. They key concept of Body-Mind-Spirit is so simple and genius! The book is very practical, with real life examples and full of scientific findings you can trust.”

“Эта книга – самый полный путеводитель к Счастью! Майкл и Джульетта делятся с читателем ноу-хау полноценной жизни, основанное на более, чем 30-летнем исследовании и преподавательской деятельности в лучших университетах мира. Ключевая мысль: Тело-Разум-Дух – проста и гениальна! Книга очень практична, с реальными примерами из жизни и в ней много научных выводов, которым можно доверять.”

Daniel Meyer, Senior Manager, Covestro, (formerly, Bayer Material Science), Germany

“Michael and Juliette are quality of life savers. They will make you realize urgency and bring you the tools to address health challenges executive do face. They will demystify for you the pseudo health information you get submerged with by press and media and give you a set of simple keys for a more balanced and healthier life.”