Brett Marshall, Country Manager, Zuellig, Singapore

“It is pretty frightening just how quickly time passes and not paying attention to some very important signals can result in some pretty traumatic events in life and work, and yet being able to understand the signs and harness the strengths of Body, Mind and Spirit can make such a dramatic difference to the way we live, work, relax and interact with family, friends, colleagues and others. I have been through 2 cycles of the Leadership Health Challenge with Michael McGannon. The first cycle I listened but did not hear, and I did the same to my mind and body, but the second cycle resulted in significant change because I heard, saw, read and understood what I could do to help myself, and change my life and the role I play in family, work, social and other contexts. “My Self-Mastery, 24 weeks to the Top of Your Game” is the latest book on health and vitality and performance written by Michael and Paulette McGannon, describing a clear, achievable approach to managing key components of Body, Mind and Spirit – even for the busiest people, with the busiest of lives! Covering fitness of mind and body, nutrition and emotional control, and much more, this is a book you will read over and over again, reference often, share with family and friends, use to provide the pathway to better living and working and spending time with those we love most.”