Mr. Daljit Singh , CEO, Fortis Hospital Group, New Delhi, India

“Juliette & Mike McGannon are doing what they are best at-showing the way to leaders; people who devote all their time in charting the course for their corporations, people who are solution providers and mentors to their teams and people who give everything they have to provide satisfaction to their customers. These are often people who, mistakenly, accord a superhuman status unto themselves and go through life with a strong sense of invincibility, giving very low priority to their own well being, seemingly oblivious to the reality that their state of wellness is a precondition for their continued success in everyday life. They allow themselves to be sucked into the daily vortices of modern day life and revel in the 80 hrs per week work schedule; for them there is “no time to stand and stare”. And all of this comes to a nought when the fatigued mind & body have a sudden breakdown……nature’s way of forcing the issue! The McGannons, in the health programmes that they conduct for business leaders, very compellingly set the context of the exercise by leading them to confront and answer questions related to their personal priorities in life; we know what these questions are but usually go through life pretending that they do not exist. It is surprising how misaligned our life’s priorities often are; the most important things in life often get the least attention! Having established these priorities, the husband and wife duo run the participants through the theory and practise of ‘healthy living’. The path advocated by them is that of ‘temperance’ rather than ‘abstinence’. Temperance or moderation is something that people can live with on a daily basis; abstinence works well for a short time and then invariably leads to a bounce back to the bad old habits. Their methodology does not rely on esoteric diets, fancy outfits or expensive equipment. Instead, it relies on basic common sense laced with a compellingly positive vision of one’s own future. Their model is holy amalgam of the best from the East & the West. Ease of understanding and simplicity in implementation is the unique value proposition that the McGannon’s bring so powerfully to the fore”