Mr. Jim McCallum, PwC, London

In 1971, it was discovered during a routine medical that my triglyceride levels were high – very high. At the time knowledge of triglycerides was rudimentary, and I underwent a series of tests, medications and diet changes designed to reduce the high level. Nothing worked. Over the last 30 years, no matter what I’ve tried, and no matter the advice from my various doctors, I was unable to reduce the triglyceride levels from around 2.50–3.00 against a desirable level of 0.12–1.71.

In June 2000, I participated in Dr. McGannon’s Health Management Plan. At the time he claimed that he knew exactly why my triglycerides were high, and the action required to reduce them. Although sceptical, I followed his advice rigorously for four months and repeated the blood tests. To my (and my doctor’s) astonishment, my triglyceride levels were down to 1.44, well within the accepted desirable level for the first time ever. I would therefore encourage anyone who values their health, and is keen to correct any imbalances, to listen to Dr. Michael McGannon, and follow his advice. All it takes is some minor adjustments to lifestyle habits, but the benefits are enormous. It’s all here!