Brett Marshall, Country Manager, Zuellig, Singapore

“It is pretty frightening just how quickly time passes and not paying attention to some very important signals can result in some pretty traumatic events in life and work, and yet being able to understand the signs and harness the strengths of Body, Mind and Spirit can make such a dramatic difference to the way we live, work, relax and interact with family, friends, colleagues and others. I have been through 2 cycles of the Leadership Health Challenge with Michael McGannon. The first cycle I listened but did not hear, and I did the same to my mind and body, but the second cycle resulted in significant change because I heard, saw, read and understood what I could do to help myself, and change my life and the role I play in family, work, social and other contexts. “My Self-Mastery, 24 weeks to the Top of Your Game” is the latest book on health and vitality and performance written by Michael and Paulette McGannon, describing a clear, achievable approach to managing key components of Body, Mind and Spirit – even for the busiest people, with the busiest of lives! Covering fitness of mind and body, nutrition and emotional control, and much more, this is a book you will read over and over again, reference often, share with family and friends, use to provide the pathway to better living and working and spending time with those we love most.”

Prof JC Larreché, A.H. Heineken professor of Marketing at INSEAD & author of the best selling The Momentum Effect.

” The McGannons have run a Leader’s Health Programme (LHP) at INSEAD for the past 20 years with remarkable results. have a know-how and contagious enthusiasm that has changed my life. Thousands of participants at INSEAD have greatly appreciated Dr. McGannon’s first book, The Urban Warrior’s Book of Solutions, and  their second book, Fit for the Fast Track, is a beautiful marriage between American science and French savoir vivre. With their third book, The Business Leader’s Health Manual, the McGannons provided me with a 360° fitness perspective insight and helped me build even stronger personal momentum. Since meeting them, I have quit smoking and found the motivation to run 7 marathons. Don’t have a triple heart bypass at 50 . . . . read their newest book!”

Paul Hennessy, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ireland

“Ultimately success in business is about optimising performance and gaining competitive edge. Its about being agile and manageing change more effectively than others. Its about being resilient, both physically and emotionally in order to deal with the unprecedented demands which business leaders currently face. Its about being clever , learning fast, and learning from the work of others where this can improve personal performance. People are our firm’s core asset and their health is a matter of great concern for us. Dr. and Mrs. McGannon’s program allows us to ensure that our people are proactive in managing their health and the many pressures facing them in today’s business environment. The program is central to the culture and values of our firm. Commitment to the program’s action points ensures a better quality of life. Our people really enjoy it and have benefited significantly from it. That is why the work of Mike and Juliette McGannon is so important. For twenty years they have helped countless Business Leaders achieve success by optimising their personal effectiveness. While their message has always been very clear ,and uncompromisingly persuasive, it is now grounded in years of extensive research and insightful experience. The kind of experience that makes a difference. The kind of experience that is capable of giving Business Leaders that competitive edge.”

Mr. Waleed Al Banawi, Vice Chairman, Banawi Industrial Group, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

“Leadership is one of these great journeys into your own soul. As we  only go around once in life, my voyage  thus far has showed me how important the partnership between body & soul , and  in maintaining our optimum  physical(  health)  and  well being   . Islamic knowledge and medicine has so importantly  highlighted  this in the scripture  . The body has its rights and its demands upon us. But  what worth does the body have without the ( awakened) soul! This book (The Business Leader’s Health Manual)  by Michael and Juliet is a great  contribution to  the study of  leadership & health and will add appreciably to reader’s knowledge  on this important topic”

Stefan Heitmann, General Director, Zuellig Pharma Vietnam

“Leadership and Management…what does that mean? Too many people seem to manage everything but themselves – otherwise how do you explain the world’s obesity crisis? Four months into implementing changes based on Michael’s lectures my body fat dropped by xy kg, triglycerides are down 43% and HDL is up 30%. My TGs/ HDL ratio went from 3 to 1 – if you don’t know what that means and how to do it it’s time to pick up this book and start managing yourself.”  

Roland Bruhin, Regional Director North / SE Asia, Zuellig Pharma Asia Pacific

“Juliette and Michael are effectively taking a holistic approach to health as a key element of the long term effectiveness of executives. Any leader in today’s hectic world has to balance work and life demands as well as sustain a sound level of both mental and physical health. Juliette and Michael succeed in introducing pragmatic and simple concepts to executives, getting high powered managers to confront with their lifestyles centering around busy schedules. Our organisation has invited Michael several times to train and educate our senior executives across Asia and all participants have taken away relevant learning’s from these session either from an emotional and physical health point of view. I am impressed to see a number of our key executives following through on their learnings from the most recent training in a concerted manner, in particular a group of younger participants very positively responded to the discussion around emotional health, which has made them think, a very good step for them.”

Mr. Daljit Singh , CEO, Fortis Hospital Group, New Delhi, India

“Juliette & Mike McGannon are doing what they are best at-showing the way to leaders; people who devote all their time in charting the course for their corporations, people who are solution providers and mentors to their teams and people who give everything they have to provide satisfaction to their customers. These are often people who, mistakenly, accord a superhuman status unto themselves and go through life with a strong sense of invincibility, giving very low priority to their own well being, seemingly oblivious to the reality that their state of wellness is a precondition for their continued success in everyday life. They allow themselves to be sucked into the daily vortices of modern day life and revel in the 80 hrs per week work schedule; for them there is “no time to stand and stare”. And all of this comes to a nought when the fatigued mind & body have a sudden breakdown……nature’s way of forcing the issue! The McGannons, in the health programmes that they conduct for business leaders, very compellingly set the context of the exercise by leading them to confront and answer questions related to their personal priorities in life; we know what these questions are but usually go through life pretending that they do not exist. It is surprising how misaligned our life’s priorities often are; the most important things in life often get the least attention! Having established these priorities, the husband and wife duo run the participants through the theory and practise of ‘healthy living’. The path advocated by them is that of ‘temperance’ rather than ‘abstinence’. Temperance or moderation is something that people can live with on a daily basis; abstinence works well for a short time and then invariably leads to a bounce back to the bad old habits. Their methodology does not rely on esoteric diets, fancy outfits or expensive equipment. Instead, it relies on basic common sense laced with a compellingly positive vision of one’s own future. Their model is holy amalgam of the best from the East & the West. Ease of understanding and simplicity in implementation is the unique value proposition that the McGannon’s bring so powerfully to the fore”

Mr. Analjit Singh, Chairman, Max India Limited

“The McGannon Institute has an extremely practical and user friendly health care review and management programme. In the short time of a day one can learn key health tracking and control tools and walk away with simple techniques to stay fit. Highly recommended.”

Mr. Ravi Bhoothalingam, President, The Oberoi Group, Delhi, India

“With health, everything is possible – it truly is. This book is an inspirational example of how you can take charge of your well-being. The suggestions are practical and grounded in the reality of what can be achieved in the life of a hard-driven executive in today’s competitive marketplace.”

Mr. Ashwani Windlass, Chairman, Argus Infrastructure Ltd

“Rarely has one come across a Health Management Program which can indeed be part of day-to-day management practices as are detailed here. Presented in this book are extremely simple, practical and yet invaluable tools critical to preserving the most important part of life: i.e. health.  I wish this could be mandated in the corporate world.”