Senior Manager, Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt

“This approach to physical and mental fitness clearly represents
the future of personal and corporate strengths: a proactive
approach of great value to all business pacesetters.”

Senior Manager, British Petroleum, U.K

“An idea whose time has come! Bravo! Let's have more of this.
I found it contributed more to my life than any of the more
traditional, business-school seminars.”

Dean, University Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

“…. I have benefited tremendously from the HMP and The Urban
Warrior’s Book of Solutions, (which) will have a positive impact
on the health and lifestyles of many businessmen and

Partner, Baker & McKensie, Hong Kong

“. . . . An A+ ! Dr. McGannon’s excellent presentations identified
the key steps forward to improving my long-term health and
performance and have motivated me to follow through and take
those steps.”