Paul Hennessy, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ireland

“Ultimately success in business is about optimising performance and gaining competitive edge. Its about being agile and manageing change more effectively than others. Its about being resilient, both physically and emotionally in order to deal with the unprecedented demands which business leaders currently face. Its about being clever , learning fast, and learning from the work of others where this can improve personal performance. People are our firm’s core asset and their health is a matter of great concern for us. Dr. and Mrs. McGannon’s program allows us to ensure that our people are proactive in managing their health and the many pressures facing them in today’s business environment. The program is central to the culture and values of our firm. Commitment to the program’s action points ensures a better quality of life. Our people really enjoy it and have benefited significantly from it. That is why the work of Mike and Juliette McGannon is so important. For twenty years they have helped countless Business Leaders achieve success by optimising their personal effectiveness. While their message has always been very clear ,and uncompromisingly persuasive, it is now grounded in years of extensive research and insightful experience. The kind of experience that makes a difference. The kind of experience that is capable of giving Business Leaders that competitive edge.”